Masks now required at Church

Our State Government has asked that people attending church services wear a mask. So friends please do that as we gather on Sunday. If you have a mask at home you have been using, or feel more comfortable bringing your own please do so. Otherwise, we have masks available here at The Centre.

Summer Comp is coming…

Sports are back on at The Centre and everyone is hard at work ramping up for the Netball and Futsal Summer Competitions, kicking off in September (register now).

Futsal is a fast paced, dynamic 5-a-side version of football (soccer) for both male and female players of all ages. Playing Futsal helps develop technical ball skills, speed and agility. With smaller court size and fewer players than outdoor football, all players are constantly involved and there is never a dull moment, defence transforms to attack in a split second.

Outdoor players love to come and play at The Centre during the summer off-season to build technical skills and maintain fitness till the winter season starts again. The Centre is planning to accept late registrations throughout October as outdoor winter comps are running later due to COVID-19, but it would still be best to get in touch to secure your place if you want to join late.

Netball at The Centre is 7-a-side, outdoor rules on full-size netball courts, so you can play “outdoor” netball, indoors, all year round! A different format of two 20 minute halves aims to jointly maximise a longer game time with optimum court usage.

Wednesday mornings at The Centre are popular with mum’s and kids. The all age Netball competitions are a great opportunity for fitness and socialising while kids are taken care of in the free creche. The refreshed café is testing out a new menu on Wednesdays as well, so you can grab a bite to eat after your game.

There is more than ever for kid’s at The Centre with the new Action Kidz program, a multi-sports movement program for 2-4 year olds and Future Starz, Futsal and Netball clinics for 5-10 year olds starting up this term.

We can’t wait to see you in The Centre soon!

Online Church and Care Callers

With the restrictions on church gatherings over the past few months, here at The Centre we were fortunate to have some of our technologically-minded members put their hands up to get services streaming online. The first service was streamed live with a few members in attendance, but as restrictions tightened, filming was changed to earlier in the week before streaming the services on Sunday .

The majority of the congregation has been managing to tune into one of the two services each week, with even a few past members also tuning in from their new homes abroad! Chatting live throughout and after the service keeps everyone engaged and even the traditional bikkie and a cuppa after the service was maintained over zoom.

We wanted to ensure that the individual members of our church were still being looked after, so a system of “Care-callers” has been successfully implemented. These callers set up a roster to phone other people from the church, ensuring that they were well and doing their best to meet any emotional, physical or spiritual needs that they could. As a church family, we didn’t want to let isolation get in the way of caring for each other.

The Care-caller program didn’t just ensure that no-one fell through the cracks, but went further to connect people that wouldn’t usually have had a chance to chat. Some members who may have sat side by side in church for years without more than a “how-do-you-do” were now having long conversations with each other and can now look forward to a deeper relationship when they meet again in person.

We are looking forward to resuming services in person soon, as well as morning tea and supper in the freshly spruced up café. Services will continue to stream online as well.

Welcome Elijah to The Centre

We have welcomed a new Sports Manager, Elijah. With Covid-19 restrictions in place, it has been very quiet at the Centre, but Elijah and the team have been hard at work planning for the eventual return of sports.

Elijah has injected his enthusiasm and passion for sports into developing two new programs at the Centre. The first, “Action Kidz”, is a toddler and preschool multi-sport and movement program that encourages kids to get active while having fun and making new friends! The second, “Future Starz”, builds on that foundation, introducing kids into more specialised Netball and Futsal clinics as they get older, aimed at primary aged children.

We are excited and staying focused on providing a safe, friendly, professional and fun environment for everyone to get physically active and enjoy sports. But we are also interested in caring for the needs of the people who walk through our doors… emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

The Centre started as Dural Baptist Church, then grew into both a church and sports centre, and now encompasses a range of activities and groups across all demographics, from worship services and sports, to the Men’s Shed, playgroups, youth group, family camping trips, events and more. The team is eager to welcome people back through the doors and see their regular and new patrons soon!